Men get pregnant???

According to a study at St George's Hospital in London, when their women expecting a baby, men do incidents ‘illusion pregnancies'.

The phenomenon was discovered by Dr Arthur Brennan during his work as the lead researcher of the study. A group of 282 participant fathers range from age 19 to 55 has been tested through quiz. Apparently, mostly of them had experienced pregnancy-like symptoms. The symptoms are morning sickness, food cravinf and mood swings. This situation known as pseudocyesis.

Another symptom was stomach cramps the common symptoms. Some of the participant of the test told that he felt as he was giving birth.

There are theory known as Couvade Syndrome about male sympathetic pregnancy. Many doctors would be no doubt mention that there are case of men without pregnant partners had same experience. However, Dr Brennan mention that these symptoms are spontaneous. Couvade Syndrome actually really exist.

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