Irregular Menstruation and progesterone

Pregnancy is not only the cause of an irregular menstrual cycle; actually, it can occur for lots of reasons.

Factor of irregular menstrual cycle:
o Stresses
o Tension
o Ingested medications
o Caffeine medicine acts as anticoagulant blood thinner.

Factor for irregular periods:
o Consequential weight gain or loss
o Over-exercise
o Breastfeeding
o Poly cystic ovarian health problem/estrogen control
o Bad nutrition or vegetarian diet.
o Medications
o Chemotherapy
o Smoking
o Drug use
o Caffeine
o Consuming food disorders
o Intensified stress
o Hormonal disproportion connected to be pre menopausal.
o The latest childbirth, miscarriage, or D&C
o Immoderate alcohol usage (meddlesome with how the hepatic metabolizes estrogen as well as progesterone)
o Uterine irregularities (fibroids/cysts/polyps/endometriosis)

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