Halim was a primary teacher in a small town named Sarikei in Sarawak. By those who do not know where it is, Sarawak is a one of the states in Malaysia. Moreover, by those who do not know where is Malaysia, or what it is, then go through Google Map to find it.

Halim has a beautiful wife named Habikrollida (can you pronounce it?), they have cute and healthier three children. The eldest one is girl age 1 and half year old, the second one is boy age 4 month and third one still in his wife belly. Yes, she was pregnant again for the third time in after four months giving birth.

So, with increasingly responbility for Halim family this is solution that he can suppose off, make extra a few bucks through pay per click and affiliates marketing. That is why this site, with a free sub-domain and the not too everlasting host, was established. He hoped can attract a visitor with buying mind but visitors with seek for information also most welcome here. Maybe you guys can support by bookmark my poor sites. lol.

Thanks again for visiting here.

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