Pregnancy Symptoms

Missed Period
Clearly, missing a menstrual phase is an early pregnancy symptom.
But, majority of women has missed periods for another explanation and circumstances. These reasons consist of illness, stress, hormone disproportion, opposing reactions to foods and digestion of material that effect in some level of adverse reaction. For a missed period to be one of the early symptoms of pregnancy, it should be proven by another means.

Morning Sickness
In the mornings, a feeling of vomiting can be another of the very early symptoms of pregnancy. However, this early pregnancy symptom needed to be repeatedly observed for a few days to be considered dependable. Furthermore, a feeling of vomiting can have other reasons that are not pregnancy linked.

Tender and Enlarged Breasts
The body starts to make a progression of changes in the regular hormone stages. But, the body is unready for these changes when they first happen. There are some changes that will occur in the body in response to recent hormone stages. One of the most clearly changes occurs in the appearance of and feelings of tenderness in the breasts. However, this feeling of tenderness leave fairly quickly as the body becomes familiar to the new hormone chemistry.

Urinate more frequently
One of the early pregnancy signs has to urinate more often. Many women undergo more often urination even before a missed period. The causes are, as with tender and enlarged breasts, is a change in hormone levels produced by implantation of the embryo. A hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is produced, which has the side effect of causing more often urination. This is another of the early signs of pregnancy which can be misguided for some other condition, or as responses to the ingesting of a variety of foods or other materials. Pregnancy needs to be proved by the outcome of a pregnancy test.


The lack of vitality as one of the signs is not always hard to differentiate from other kinds of tiredness. Once more, health expert credit this tiredness to the change in hormones in the body, which typically vanishes as the body adapt to the new hormone stages.

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