Ectopic pregnancy symptoms and signs

Signs and Symptoms

It is hard to differentiate the ectopic pregnancy symptoms with a normal pregnant. This is because it has a similar early pregnancy sign such as morning sickness, breast tenderness, missed periods and other common pregnancy signs.

The first caution signs often pain or vaginal bleedings. Some might feel ache in your abdomen, pelvis and even the shoulder or neck in excessive cases. These cases occur cause by blood from a broken ectopic pregnancy builds up and irritates certain strain. This causes the feeling of stabbing and sharp pain. It may focus on one side of the pelvis and come and go or vary in potency.

The following symptoms can also be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy:

* vaginal spotting
* dizziness or fainting, blood loss reason.
* low blood pressure, same caused by blood loss.
* lower back pain

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