The risk of ectopic pregnant again in future.

Some women face the problem to be pregnant again when they had ectopic pregnancy in the past. Once had one ectopic pregnancy, likelihood of a repeat pregnancy increases approximate 15 chance.

The chance for repeating ectopic pregnancy is topmost for those are over 35 and have had a preceding ectopic pregnancy, treatment on a fallopian tubes and infertility problem or medication to stimulate ovulation.

Risk of ectopic pregnancy will be increased, cause by some pregnancy prevention methods such as morning-after pill, progesterone-only oral contraceptives and progesterone intrauterine devices (IUDs). The risk also can happen to those who having multiple sexual partners and smoking.

Make appointments with the doctor if positively think the risk is existed. This is to discuss the solution before pregnant again. Do not smoke and always use condoms when having sex to avoid getting pregnant.

If getting pregnant, and afraid it will be ectopic pregnancy, it is important to detect it early. Consult the doctor to check the hormone levels so the pregnancy will normally develop. If experiencing pain, bleeding or other symptoms of ectopic pregnancy, consult the doctor quickly because the sooner an ectopic pregnancy is detected, the better.

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