Treatment option for ectopic pregnancy.

Therapy option for ectopic pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancy therapy may vary; rely on condition of women and his stage of pregnancy. For the early stage of ectopic pregnancy, the tissues growth can be eliminated with methotrexate injection.

Surgery might be necessary to dismiss the abnormal pregnancy if the growth of the embryo is further along. However, these operations need a large incision across the pelvic area in cases of emergency or extensive internal injury.

Sometimes laparoscopy used to dismiss the ectopic pregnancy. Laparoscopy is not as much of intrusive surgical process. A tiny incision created in the lower abdomen by the surgeon. This is for a very small video camera and tools through these incisions. A screen in the operating room will showing the image from the video camera and assist the surgeon locate the problem in the abdomen without making large incision. Then, a small surgery to stop the ectopic pregnancy and repaired any damaged organs.

Usually after the treatment, appointment with doctor will be regularly in several weeks to ensure the hCG levels return to zero. This is to avoid the hCG raised cause by remaining of ectopic cells. These cells or tissues will be stops by using added surgery such as methotrexate.

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